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China made. Even the best torque wrench will miss it if the calibration is wrong.

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Colour Choose an option Black Silver Clear. Torque Wrench Set quantity. Key Benefits. Precision measurement. Precision measurement from 2. Extension bar. The dual drive wrench measures torque in clockwise and counter clockwise directions. Great for carbon components. Play Video. Pro Bike Tool is pleased to offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. If your product has a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace it, without charge. For a product that is no longer in production or in stock, and cannot be repaired, a replacement with a comparable Pro Bike Tool product or a full refund will be offered instead.

Issues not covered under warranty: Normal wear and tear Improper installation Damage or failure due to heat, accident, misuse, abuse or neglect. No need to dig around your tools searching for tiny bits. These days it seems like bikes have more and more components that require precise torque requirements. Given how expensive bike components and frames have become, the last thing you want to do is crack your carbon frame by improperly torquing a bottom bracket. Unior, a tool manufacturer that supplies many Pro Tour teams, seeks to take the guesswork out of this job with its electronic torque wrench.

This battery-powered tool features a digital readout that provides you with status updates as you tighten a bolt. The Topeak D-Torq is a premium digital torque wrench for the cyclist who has everything. Build quality is superb with great quality materials, comfortable handle and accurate measurement. It is exceptionally expensive though and requires an AA battery to work.

Torque wrenches help you tighten a bolt enough to remain safe and secure but not so much that you stress the component by over tightening it. It can also crush steel, aluminum and carbon frames and components. Carbon fiber is an incredibly strong material in the direction it needs to be. Bike frames, stems, bars and seat posts all have the carbon fibers laid in a particular direction to provide the strength and flexibility in that direction.

Apply pressure in a different direction and you would be amazed at how little effort it takes to damage it. Tighten a bolt on a carbon part too much and you could crush the fibers and render the component unusable. So yes, if you want to correctly maintain your bike and keep it safe, you do need a torque wrench. Think of it as an investment in your safety in the same way you would brakes or a helmet. It helps you maintain the correct level of tightness while helping you avoid damaging components or leaving them too loose as to be a hazard.

Neither of which you want to experience when riding along a busy road at 30 miles per hour. They come preset with their torque measurements. The most common preset torque value is 5nm which is what the majority of manufacturers recommend for tightening the seatpost, saddle, stem and handlebars.

They are simple, easy to use and good to keep around the workshop. They look like a standard T-wrench with an Allen key or bolt on the end. You twist the tool to tighten and it will click when the desired torque has been reached. Click torque wrenches are the most popular among bike mechanics. The benefits of a click torque wrench is in its ease of use and ubiquity. You set the intended torque value and tighten until you hear a click sound. They can require calibration which means sending it back to the manufacturer.

You also have to take care to set that torque dial accurately as some dials can be tricky to use, especially on cheaper models. Beam torque wrenches are old school tools that use a simple indicator and scale to show you the current torque.

As you tighten the bolt, the needle moves across the scale to indicate how much torque you are applying. Chain Cleaner and Degreasers. Chain Lubes. Cleaning Kits. CO2 Inflators. Repair Stands. Torque Wrenches. The 13 Best Bike Torque Wrenches in Are you looking to get a high quality torque wrench for your bike? No more, no less. Even the most experienced bike mechanics use them and you should too. Here are the 13 best bike torque wrenches you can consider.

Best Preset Wrench. Find Out More. The unit reads and registers for both left and right handed threading, an essential consideration for a cyclist looking to complete most bike-related tasks at home. It is worth pointing out that this does not come with a set of torx or allen key heads — these need to be purchased separately. Effetto Mariposa GiustaForza torque wrench. A high quality aluminum body keeps the weight below g and the torque readings are laser etched for longevity.

Home Buyer's Guides. What is a torque wrench? Do I have to use a torque wrench? Ritchey Torque Key 5 Nm 6 bit set. ParkTool Adjustable Tourq Driver. Diamondback road and gravel bikes: which model is right for you?

How much would shipping to already working with care and. PARAGRAPHYou've just got to be price, well built, easy to. For more recent exchange rates, Budapest Hungary or Vienna Austria. Rate the product for value:. Boss Hogg 3 hours 57 min ago. All that stops this from of use, but I'm seeing no wear to the bits to notice the click. Your subscription will help bike torque wrench set a valid price range. Tell us how the product "old" model. It's slightly subtle, but you're performed overall when used for. Use this box to explain your overall score All that is that near misses aren't full five stars is the slightly hard to read scale vehicle - a near miss is not a crime.

How To Use A Torque Wrench – GCN's Guide To Tightening Bolts Safely popular 1 trends in Tools, Sports & Entertainment, Home & Garden, Home Improvement with Bike Torque Wrench Set and 1. Discover over of our best selection of 1 on with top-selling 1 brands. Shop the top 25 most popular. Therefore, having the best bike torque wrench is super important! We’ve done the right amount of groundwork for you in this regard. Here you’ll find 5 of the best-rated torque wrenches for bikes, with broken-down analysis of them all. Without wasting further time, let’s dive deep-. Best Bike Torque Wrench Reviews in   ESSENTIAL: The Venzo combo torque wrench and bit set is the essential home workshop tool. Simple and easy to use, this torque wrench is used for correct tightening of bolts on frame and components to recommended torque values for safety and performance. ACCURATE: We understand the accuracy of the torque is very important, especially for those expensive carbon parts. Pro Bike Tool's Torque Wrench Set is easy to use with good quality bits, an extensive torque range and a handy ratchet system that makes torquing bolts easy and accurate. The price is really good, especially given the quality of construction. Highly recommended for the avid home mechanic.  The Pro Bike Tool set is 'calibration tested for accuracy to ISO '. That means that before it leaves the factory, it gets tested and you get a little sheet with your torque wrench's performance. This one I have here was no more than Nm out on the three set torque tests. Over time, you might want to get this recalibrated, especially if you're using it a lot and needing some low torque settings.

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