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Its spring-loaded cradle can hold phones of just about any size, and there's a quick-release button that makes for easy extraction.

Premier auto grip dash floor standing vanity unit with worktop

My advice: steer clear of the windshield variety, as those suction cups usually don't stay put forever -- and the last thing you want is for your phone to crash onto the dash when you make a sharp turn or hit a bump. In addition, windshield mounts with long gooseneck arms tend to wobble a lot, especially with larger phones. That's another reason to look for a dashboard mount.

If you need one more: Some states have laws prohibiting windshield-mounted anything. It relies on a strong, sticky suction cup that can secure to your dashboard, and features a telescoping arm in case you have a really deep dash. Its spring-loaded cradle can hold phones of just about any size, and there's a quick-release button that makes for easy extraction. A CD-slot smartphone mount, like this one from Ipow, might be a good alternative to a dash mount -- but only if your CD slot is near the very top of your dash.

Remember CDs? Those things you once used for listening to music? If your car has a CD player that mostly sits dormant, you can put that slot to good use by turning it into a mounting point. However, depending on where your CD player is located, this might not be a good solution. If it's low, for example, your phone won't be mounted high enough for practical use.

Plus, there's a good chance your phone will block access to your radio's controls, or possibly other important dashboard stuff. And if you still listen to CDs, 'nuff said. The upside is that it won't get blasted by hot or cold air like with a vent mount see below , and it's much less likely to come loose like a suction-cup mount.

If you think a CD-mount solution is the way to go, you have two options: cradle and magnet. This Ipow mount , for example, relies on a spring-loaded cradle that can pivot on a ball joint to just about any viewing angle. Interestingly, it promises that CDs will still play even when the mount is installed -- though obviously you wouldn't be able to insert or remove discs without removing the mount.

Read on to learn more about these kinds of mounts. If your phone lives inside a case, consider slipping a thin metal plate inside, or even sticking one to the rear. That would allow it to hitch magnetically to any number of mounts -- arguably the fastest and easiest way to dock and undock your phone every time you enter and exit your car. I don't especially like air-vent mounts, primarily because they block what the vent was designed to do: heat or cool the car.

And if you can't close off the airflow for that vent, now your phone is going to get blasted with hot or cold air. The latter is fine, but your phone definitely doesn't need more heat. Another potential issue with magnets: Although they won't harm your data or interfere with GPS navigation, the metal plate you have to stick inside your case or to the back of the phone could interfere with wireless charging.

All that being said, this was my preferred choice for my Mustang and my iPhone. The Ford has a perfect front-facing empty space between two vents. I stuck the WizGear magnet there, added the metal plate to the outside of my case, and presto: a perfect mounting solution. Try the suction mount now. If the suction does not stick, then you've bent your disk too much.

If the suction does stick and the GPS falls to the front, either you didn't balance the front well with extra adhesive or you did it too much and now the back doesn't contact the dashboard enough. Also, if the disk just pops right off the adhesive, you need a smoother disk to contact it.

If everything works, congratulations! Protect your new mount by keeping the disk out of the sun - if the adhesive melts you'll have a bad time getting the melted part off, plus your GPS will fall down. NE-Phil writes that the disk is easily seen and can motivate thieves! So I suggest putting some papers on your dash to cover the disk after dismounting the suction cup.

Cool instructable, but I didn't know that in California where I live that it is against the law to have things hanging from your windshield Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. Reply 12 years ago on Introduction. Cheap car gps. I wanted a quick, cheap and convenient way to mount my GPS too.

I found a small space where the top of the dashboard and the front of the dashboard meet. All vehicles are different so you must be creative to find a mounting place in your application but no glue or tape needed with this. Suction is great and slips in and out easily. I used the sticky back velcro. When I leave the car, I remove my gps and replace it with a little bobble head dog that also has velcro on the bottom. That way anyone looking in doesn't realize that something is missing from the dash.

As far as removing sticky goo from your dash, there is a product out there called goo gone. It removes labels from bottles and things so it might work for your dash as well. But I would read the instructions carefully first in case it could cause discoloration. But before buying goo gone, try WD Oh well I haven't seen any double-sided tape whose adhesive hasn't turned into sticky NON-adhesive goo after a month or so after being cooked in this manner.

Worse yet, the goo is often difficult to remove from the dashboard! When I park my car and take off the GPS, I just drape a towel across the dash like I'm trying to protect the dash from the sun. It hides everything without making it look too obvious. Great instructable. Simple to make and cheap, too. But keep in mind that a GPS is one of the most stolen items out there. Most of the bad guys see the windshield or dashboard disk mounts on a parked car even if the driver remembers to hide the GPS itself.

Or, if you hide the windshield mount, they can see the ring left on the windshield. All are invitations for them to break in. That's why I bit the bullet and bought the beanbag. When I'm parked, I can hide the whole setup in the console. No reason to break in! BTW, this is where I got the idea for my first instructable Did you make this project?

Share it with us! I Made It! GorillazMiko 12 years ago on Introduction. Reply Upvote.

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