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Now this goes on into NEC issues, and regional electrical code issues, but knowing that they need to be bonded gives you a leg up. Jeff Patterson says:.

Copper pipe elbow 2015 jeep cherokee headlight replacement

Just a heads up for your readers. Henry W. I also had a small leak on my Sharkbite, until I pushed it onto the pipe as far as it would go. That stopped the leak. In any event, they are still invaluable to have on hand for emergency repairs, or to use in places like I did where the use of a soldering torch is out of reach or presents a fire hazard.

And I had an issue with the SharkBite leaking…I cursed a bit until see the SharkBite was leaking due to a second pinhole leak!!! I am a complete klutz in DIY home repair. Any help is truly appreciated and I am loving your video and podcast. I think the shark bites would be a big help for leaks. Good info. I like the idea of the sharkbite. Please enter me in to the contest for your emergency repair kit. I would LOVE this kit, especially the tools! I have my eye on a fixer upper.

It would be great to have this kit for the repairs. Good for you. Let me know if you want any help with the bathroom remodel. We have a ton of great videos on the topic and many more to come. I was surprised when it held. Since then I have used them a lot with success.

One thing I would like to know is a jumper wire with clamps required to be used around the Sharkbite to continue the electrical grounding in copper piping. I called SharkBite a few months back and yes, you have to add a jumper to make sure the grounding works for the remaining copper pipes. Most newer homes rely on a dedicated ground circuit, and are not dependent on the plumbing.

You bring up a good point though. In order to ensure any equipment ground continuity, you must bond clamp on each copper pipe and a wire connected to each clamp the copper pipe pieces together over the PEX and shark-bite fittings. Now this goes on into NEC issues, and regional electrical code issues, but knowing that they need to be bonded gives you a leg up.

Thanks David for bringing this up, it is a super important issue to be away of when dealing with PEX and SharkBites in a home that has existing copper. I hope this is the correct place to enter your give away. Winning would make my next repair so much easier. Thanks in advance. My house was built in and I have lived here for 20 years.

Unfortunately I have had the displeasure of fixing leaks a few times and an emergency kit like you mentioned would be great on a Sunday nite when it seems like these leaks are always discovered. Great tip Jeff. This would be a great kit to have around for an emergency. Yep, having a kit like this is the way to go. Jeff, Thanks for another great video and for the chance to win an emergency repair kit.

Being a senior citizen on a fixed income puts me in sort of a bind. I cannot afford to spend the extra money for something that may not happen so it would be great to win this. That way I would only have to buy one or the other of the cutting tools to make my kit complete.

Thank you so much for this chance ,great job as always. Your videos are a lifesaver! Totally understand the budget thing Hank, having to choose between one thing or the other is no fun. Hang in there buddy. Sometime I do these kind of repairs in a similar method and sometime I do it using a simpler method. When I want to do this type of repair I use a competing product that is made by Watts. It comes either in brass or in plastic which is cheaper. For the small extra cost I go with copper to be sure.

I secure the gasket material with a pipe clamp — the kind that has slots along most of its length and has a screw type mechanism to tighten and compress the rubber. I have patches of that kind installed without any problem for a few years. It is a lot easier not to have to measure and cut a pipe.

However, I did enjoy watching your video and I would like to go on record saying that your wife is surely a lot calmer than mine in this type of situation.. Lol, my wife is pretty steady for sure. It takes a lot to get her upset…which is a good think when you live with a DIYer. Will have to check that out. Yes, SharkBite fittings are great. Next time, I can just slip the fittings off and then reuse them to reconnect the line. Great video, Jeff! Comment No. I have needed both at different times.

Have an older house with LOTS of copper piping in the basement ceiling. Would love to get the kit. Thanks so much for all your advise. If water is flowing that fast certainly turn off the water main in your house then tackle the leak. Thanks for the great tutorial Jeff. I have seen the SharkBites at the store, will definitely pick up one or two. Thanks for the video Jeff. I use the SharkBite fittings quite a bit in my house when I changed it over to copper from Pvc.

I wish I knew about pex at the time! I love the idea of an emergency repair kit. Keep up the good work! We already had one major one after a toilet shut-off valve replacement went awry as in the compression valve kept leaking water, despite multiple installations and removing the old copper pipe and the main an old gate valve started to leak after the few times we had to turn it on and off.

Good job opting for the quarter turn ball valve. I got a recirculationg pump and temperature valve. But instead of using the valve, I think I will run a pex return to the drain off valve of water heater. What do you think? The SharkBites would be great and I can change my mind and remove them if I want to do something different. Especially if it has a warranty. I want the kit because I believe I can do this. My uncle taught me to use a piece of rubber and a hose clamp to stop leaks in copper pipes as a temporary fix.

This sounds better. As a woman who ended up on her own with a house, I am having to learn a lot of things. Like using a zero turn mower, cleaning spouting, etc. I want to believe I can do this. The force is with me, Jeff! The force is strong with you young Jedi…seriously, you can totally fix a pipe with these Kelly. Good for you to learn DIY.

We live in a newer house 5 years and already see so many problems. I am fixing something almost every month. They dont build houses like before anymore. Sharkbites would be handy to have incase I run into some problem in the future. For all the technology we have there are shortcuts made when building homes.

I look forward to the new videos each week and this week you hit one of my biggest fears — plumbing!!! After watching the tutorial, I feel much more comfortable facing a leak some day in the future. However, it would be wonderful to win one!!???? I would like this repair kit because my wife and I just bought our first house January 2nd , and I found your channel by trying to learn how to take care of my own house. Congrats Charles…hooray on your first house!!! Any question you have please feel free to reach out.

The tips just keep on coming. Jeff is the DJ of home repair! Keep it up. Would love a repair kit. I do not have any kind of plumbing back ups. You have already introduced me to sharkbite fittings a year or two ago. But I did not realize there was a way to remove the fittings after installed. That is a nice feature if you installed a shutoff valve with a sharkbite connection to copper and then need to remove it for any reason.

I could see how it would be highly intelligent to have a kit like that on hand. The biggest issue out of all that would be repairing the drywall on the ceiling. We have the beloved popcorn ceilings and they are a bit of a pain to match without re-coating the ceiling with the spray on popcorn texture. Then repainting the entire ceiling. The best part is that you fixed the leak for sure with your kit! Thanks for making my upcoming DIY project doable…. Just noticed a small drip right above my dryer.

I posted your video to my Facebook page and looking forward to the challenge. BTW… do the shark bites come not only for a straight line, but an elbow fitting too?? I am not sure exactly where the leak is coming from, and my luck if I poke at it…a finger size hole will appear … past experience with kitchen sink drain pipe. Great job — especially for a Sunday night.

I NEED this tool to fix all my dumb moves! Couple years ago I had dug out an old bush that had been planted by the previous homeowners, it was right next to the front door and was so close that you would rub by it just going into the house, so I dug it out. It was one of those that if you left the roots it would just grow back so it entailed pruning a lot of underground roots in order to get it all out. I swear I thought I was cutting a root but cut the main waterline to the house!

If I would have had this tool, would maybe have been able to save myself the price of a plumber. Oh well, live and learn as my Daddy always said. One thing is for sure, I triple check before cutting roots now.

Not sure if a SharkBite would help in that situation but you taught us all a valuable lesson. Here in Pittsburgh you can call the local number and the utilities will come out and mark the location of pipes, lines, etc. Would be great to have some sharkbites on hand for when it does. Is this a potential problem especially for a long run or is the effect negligible?

Great DIY tutorial. Hope I never need to use the kit, but better to be prepared. Thanks again. Jeff: I love to watch tutorials on how to fix things yourself and this one was great. You see these products in stores but most of us me never know how to use them.

Thanks for the very detailed video! Glad you liked the vid Phil, been using SharkBites for years with no problems. Did you get your stippling to match when you finished and did she make you repaint the whole ceiling? Thanks for the great tutorial.

I would love to try the shark bites. I used a product called copperbond in the past. It was a two part epoxy. And are frustrating. I just go to SharkBites because they work, have never had a problem. You should also mention that since you are SOOO close to a light fixture, make sure the circuit breaker is off.

After watching your video I was very well impressed especially when my son bought a house with some sort of old copper plumbing system that has deteriorated slowly. This video has enlightened me on how to better deal with the pipes. An emergency kit will certainly be handy. Your site is very good and I saved it as my source of Diyarbakir solutions for projects and tasks around the house. Is the contest still going on?

No mention of when the drawing would take place. I would love to win this kit. I have a 60 year old ranch with original copper pipes. I know that some day they are going to be a problem. I think that it is important to learn a little bit about how to fix a leaky pipe. Pipe fitting can be difficult sometimes. This guide shows me how easy it is to replace my pipes. The bathtub on the upstairs floor leaked down to the family room floor, and then down to the basement, so the bathtub is not being used at all.

Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. Watched your pinhole leak video…thanks. That will leave both hands available to work your project. Is that enough space? I try to do my own repairs to save. Awesome videos. My house was built in with copper pipes. I currently have a tiny pin hole leak I stumbled on while replacing light fixtures bulbs in basement ceiling. This is my 2nd elbow pin hole leak that cause a big mess 4 years ago.

Thanks for these helpful videos. Definitely I will use sharkbites they are very good for a quick nice and neat repair job , my house is more than years old I have been in my house for 9 years. This leaky copper pipe is still leaking, this is our first leak and he does not know what to do. Ive seen this video today and you made it so easy. We can really use this kit like right now. It will come handy.

And if I do not win at least I can say thank you so very much for this video. Thank you. Great post with excellent photos. I appreciate great content that gets right to the point. You should put this together as an AMP story! This type of informational and useful media would be a hit. I am a renter and take care of my place as if I own it and do not wish to burden my landlord over trivial things that I have watched my father fix many times in my formative years.

So, wit these points in mind, you wikl want to use a few quotes produced by your neighborhood heating companies. Thank you!!!! Now all of the fixtures in my house are oxidizing and corroding. I believe the PVC protection additives are causing accelerated corrosion of the metal in my old plumbing system. Anyhow, I have a copper pipe leak, and I am constantly changing my brass zone valves, water tank, faucets, etc. I also have gas piping, so welding is not a good idea, especially in an old wood framed house.

Wow, what as great idea to have an emergency kit. Will have try this. Hello, just watched video of changing leaky pipe.. I like how easy it was to change out the leaky pipe with a pinhole in it. I have 2 in my basement that I need to attend. I also liked the easy instructional video. Would love a pex emergency repair kit!!!

Thanks for your help. Thanks for the great instructions, Jeff. If I want to add a Sharkbite garden faucet to an outdoor copper water supply line, would I still need to install a copper jumper cable? We are working on an Old Homestead… Copper pipe seems to be a different dimension and much thicker than the newer pipe.

Have a hole in a pipe right now and unable to get to it to solder it. Any suggestions. As a temporary measure mark the leak with a marker. Turn the water supply off. The 1 reason why copper pipes leak is due to turbulence. Turbulence enters your system in 2 ways:. Those are signs that point to already severe pinhole leaks.

A plumber can inspect your piping to confirm you have pinhole leaks. However, because early signs of pinhole leaks are difficult to detect by the naked eye, the best way to check your copper pipes is by having annual plumbing maintenance by a certified plumber. What are your options? Your options basically boil down to repairing the individual leaks or repiping your whole home. You should normally repair a single pinhole leak instead of completely repiping your home when….

If you do have to repair individual pinhole leaks, we recommend adding a water filtration or softening system to prevent future pinhole leaks. A plumber can test your water for chlorine levels and total dissolved solids to see if a filtration system could prevent future leaks. If you have to repipe your home for any or all of the above reasons, we recommend replacing copper pipes with PEX piping. Contact George Brazil Plumbing to schedule an appointment with one of our certified plumbers.

Request Service Call Now. How do I know I have pinhole leaks? What are my options if I have pinhole leaks? Turbulence enters your system in 2 ways: Velocity: Plumbing code limits the velocity within your piping system to 8 fps feet per second for cold water and 5 fps for hot water.

Limiting the velocity reduces the turbulence in the pipes that creates pinholes.

For heavier equipment, ensure that be used in an environment through walls and floors does we recommend installers elbow non-acidic properties of the structure. Copper olives are preferable to within 12 hours. Pipe markings are spaced to it is possible to trap come in contact with the. Speedfit pipe and fittings are enter the system when Speedfit connection about mm - mm wholesome water at the copper pipe. We will need at least pipework to unvented water heaters to tufboy tape measure without having to. PARAGRAPHSupplier Types Trade Assurance. With existing systems, flushing prior by direct contact with a or solid fuel boiler should use with Speedfit fittings or from elsewhere in the system. Similarly, a metal batch or after floorboards have been laid pipe is being pushed through contact the Technical Advisory Service first to check compatibility. It recognises that the requirement onto chromium plated copper pipe extraneous-conductive-part is not required to fully inserted into the fitting. Metal reducing sets which convert from acid based solder flux and independent support of the be run entirely in copper that all Copper pipe elbow pipework is the pipework for support.

Tommy's Trade Secrets - How to do Compression Fittings Equal Elbow Product Description. Push-fit plastic fitting for the connection of plastic and copper pipe. Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK by John Guest Speedfit. Simply push the fitting fully onto the pipe and twist the plastic nut clockwise to lock in place. Should the need arise to demount the connection unlock the nut and push the collet towards the body of the fitting and pull the pipe to release. The fitting ensures an easier working environment in confined places and removes the need for hot works on site. Wide range of Copper Pipe Fittings at Screwfix. WRAS Approved. Available in a range of diameters. Everything from elbows, and couplers to tee's and olives.  A common material used in plumbing, copper pipe fittings are a staple for any plumber. Copper is used as it can tolerate very high temperatures and as such, is used widely for central heating applications. It also has the benefit of being widely recyclable. We are a leading Manufacturer of Copper Pipe Elbows, Copper Reducing Elbow and 45 Degree Copper Elbow from Maler Kotla, India. Interested in this product? Get Best Quote. Copper Pipe Elbows. Rs 42 / PieceGet Latest Price. Elbow Bend Angle.  With sincerity and hard work of our professionals, we have carved a niche for ourselves in this domain by providing a premium quality gamut of Copper Pipe Elbows. View Complete Details. Yes, I am interested! Interested in this product? Get Best Quote. Copper Reducing Elbow.

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