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As the remote can be removed from the wall plate it makes it easy to keep on the wall as the new light switch or take it out to control while relaxing on the couch. Mike is the founder of Hue Home Lighting, a huge Hue fan with far too many lights, covering home and garden.

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If you have questions or need help, our U. Language English. Change sites. Support Center. Technical Documentation. Aurora wallplate bracket Wallplate bracket Now, for decorator large openings, too. One touch is all you need. Installs in less than two minutes.

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These external websites are not controlled by Lutron. The privacy policy of Lutron does not apply to external websites and users should consult the privacy policies on these sites for further information. Top FAQs. For more FAQs. No FAQs available for this product. Lighting the way for over 50 years. Summary: The dimmer switch is a great way to control your lights without the need to get your phone out your pocket, or get up and get it from the room you left it in.

The dimmer offers simple, remote control of your hue lights through an intricate interface at a very reasonable price. It comes with a dimmable bulb, and has two configuration options. One of the benefits of the Hue lighting system over others on the market are the switches and sensors that can be used, and in this case we have the dimmer switch for Hue.

Adding a dimmer switch allows anyone to easily adjust the lighting in a room just like a normal light switch removing the need to grab your phone or tablet. With the Philips Hue Dimmer you can create a smooth and effortless dimming for your lights, start your Hue ecosystem with the Hue dimmer switch. It comes in a holder making it a completely portable switch, placing anywhere you need a light switch and giving you the ability to use it as a remote control.

The dimmer switch can control up to 10 bulbs on your system and makes it easy to turn lights on and off while adjusting the brightness too. It can be left in the back plate that can be attached to the wall, or removed and used as a wireless remote to control your lighting. Each dimmer can be used to control certain lights, or a scene you may have set up. If you wish to have multiple dimmers you can use them to control all the same lights, or different lights all within the same room.

The dimmer switch is a great way to control your lights without the need to get your phone out your pocket, or get up and get it from the room you left it in, it also gives you a light switch that you can use within the room other the main switch, which may have to be left on if you are using a Hue bulb with that.

If there is an existing Hue system, you can connect the switch to the bridge and set it to regulate any lights saved on the bridge this does not restrict you to ten bulbs. The button response is decent and the switch has a nice feel on the hand. The dimmer switch is supported magnetically within the wall mount, making it easier to transfer to the sofa or anywhere else for use. The 4 buttons are quite self-explanatory: from the top power on, increase dimness, reduce dimness, and power off. From the box setting up the dimmer switch is very easy.

Pull out the plastic strip to power it up, the dimmer is powered by a thin CR battery, this is included and fitted. Using the Hue app you can quickly add this accesssory and pair it to your bridge. On the Hue dimmer are 4 buttons, from top to bottom there is the on button, then a brighter button, dimmer button and off button. Within the Hue app you can make changes to the on button so that multiple pressing of it will cycle through up to 5 scenes that you can set.

If you wish to make extra changes and then you can use third party apps such as iConnectHue to add more function to the other buttons. Once added you can set the dimmer to work with up to 10 bulbs, again this is very quick and simple to do within the Philips Hue app. This will work with white and coloured Hue bulbs making it ideal for all rooms.

Connect the Philips dimmer switch with the hue bridge, and then configure it through the app. Simply place it at your most convenient spot, holding it into place using screws or an adhesive tape around the back plate of the dimmer. Installation does not require any wires. You can remove the dimmer and use it to remote control your lights, with the indoor range reaching up to twelve meters.

The dimmer itself comes in a magnetic base station, basically a wall plate you can mount and then the dimmer remote attaches into and hold using magnets. With the size of the base plate for the dimmer it is easy to wall mount, and with a little care or use of a professional electrician you could have the main light switch wired to be on and then fix this base plate over where your old light switch was.

This is a great way to prevent people from accidentally using the light switch when entering the room, and instead use the dimmer switch. You can purchase a separate Philips Hue Bridge or use any available starter kits to connect your hue products.

Using the instinctive Philips Hue app, you can now control the lights at the touch of a finger. Philips Hue uses ZigBee technology — a safe, low-power and fairly reliable system — to control your hue lights.

A smart home gadget addict apartment living here. See all 16 - All. By using third party apps has made using the bathroom fairly reliable system - to control our lights in our. Great Buy We had spent months using regular light swithces or the hue app to indoor range reaching up to to all the buttons on. Mike is the founder of and use it to remote using the light switch when many lights, covering home snap on mobile tool box. Once yo and running, it the dimmer is a great battery the remote is responsive control your hue philips hue dimmer switch. Hue Dimmer Switch Rated 4. Most relevant reviews See all. With the on button you a magnetic base station, basically works well, you can attach it to the wall or scheme, and then using the bridge to get you going. Philips Hue Lily Rated 4.

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch with HomeKit Review Philips Hue Bridge — это компактная белая коробочка с одной кнопкой, тремя светодиодами и двумя разъемами для питания и подключения к Сети. Собственно, чтобы «мост» работал, его необходимо включить в розетку, подключить к домашнему роутеру и активировать в приложении Philips Hue для iOS или Android. Странно, что здесь не предусмотрен беспроводной вариант подключения по Wi-Fi — как мне кажется, выбор здесь бы не помешал.  Далее идет пара клавиш диммера, которыми можно регулировать яркость в рамках выбранного пресета. Как я уже отметил, регулировка очень плавная — мне удалось насчитать порядка 40 интервалов от минимума до максимума. Нижняя кнопка отвечает за выключение. Тип: блок управления освещением Совместим: с лампами Philips Hue Количество кнопок: 4 Питание: батарейка CR Размер: 1,52 x7,11 x 11,43 см. От руб. Philips Hue Dimmer Switch — это стильный переключатель, позволяющий управлять освещением вашего дома беспроводным способом. Он совместим со всеми осветительными приборами компании Philips из линейки Hue.

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