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Rub the cut edge of the tile back and forth across a brick until the roughness is gone. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Ceramic tile circle cutter mirror light with shaver socket

You can be more flexible in terms of design when using porcelain tiles. One can use a few different ways to cut a porcelain tile starting from a regular tile nipper to the expensive tile cutter. The method used for each of the tools is different and therefore, shall be done with proper guidance. These methods are convenient, faster and easier to carry on and are relatively less costly when compared with the wet saw.

A wet tile saw is the most impeccable tool that can cut the porcelain tile but because of the price and also the effort that is to be invested, it is usually preferred for hardcore jobs than the regular household jobs or the petty jobs we do. The tools that are generically used to cut the porcelain tile are:.

Tile nippers are excellent for cutting arcs or circular section of tiles which is difficult to do using a wet tile saw. They are also great for making regular cuts. In the construction industry, we see a lot of people using tile nippers in huge amount. This is because of the ease of their functionality and also because most of us are only interested in cutting a small piece off the tile. Given below are the easy steps for the guide to using tile nipper:. For straight and angled cuts, use a wet tile saw.

Also, a good idea today would be to use the new generation tile nipper with replaceable teeth. The second best tool that can be used is an angle grinder which can do multiple cuts in different sizes and shapes including the L cuts, the circle cuts, straight cuts, square cuts etc. Cutting porcelain tiles around the toilet for pipes and exposing waste needs a curvy cut rather than drilling holes.

Just take the grinder and pull it across the edge that you want to cut and the grinder does the work for you in no time with efficiency and cleanliness. A tile cutter is used to cut ceramic tiles upto a desired size and shape. However, depending upon the type of texture, you can even cut certain porcelain tiles using a standard manual tile cutter. It is favourite among the woodworkers because it is the fast among all the cutting tools and you can make many adjustments to the type of cuts you want to make depending on the tile type and size.

All you need to do is to cut the tile just the way you cut the paper with a paper cutter and rub the edge with the sandstone for a smoother finish. Watch this video to get a practical idea of how to cut a porcelain tile using a tile cutter in the safest way.

As mentioned, owning a wet saw is not economically feasible. However, you might as well come across certain situations where you need to weigh the pros and cons and use a wet saw for cutting a porcelain tile. It is the best way to cut a porcelain tile in my honest opinion. Although they can chip the surface of porcelain tiles so in order to ensure a cleaner cut, you should use a wet saw with an adjustable blade.

Working slowly and using a fresh blade always helps. A great way to avoid chipping on porcelain tiles is to notch the tile before cutting through. Follow the below steps to do so:. This is why one should know how to cut a porcelain tile with a wet saw, a cutting machine or a blade. A wet wheel also known as a diamond blade is used to cut very tough and coarse materials.

There are diamonds fixed on the edge of the blade which facilitates this action. Follow the steps below to cut a porcelain tile with a wet wheel:. When you are dealing with circular cross-sections, drill bits come handy while creating clean holes to fit the screws properly inside them. They are available in many different sizes and shapes and work on various kind of materials. Drilling holes are same as making cuts in a porcelain tile only in smaller scale and in circular shapes.

However, drilling is not easy, and you want a clean drilled hole in the tile so that it can fit the screws, plumbing pipes, space for radiators et. This can be done with the help of a drill bit in no time and the cost it also relatively less. This technique can also be used for small as well as large diameter holes.

Following is the guide to using drill bit:. Though some of the tools mentioned above like the wet saw and the drill bit are not very safe to use because of their potential for accidental hazards. Porcelain tiles when cut, smoothened and installed is a lifetime investment regarding functionality, beauty and also aesthetics.

Therefore, try the method from the above noted that suits your purpose the best and get to work with it. After reading this guide, I am pretty sure any of you can easily cut porcelain tiles with good accuracy. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to comment below. Share this guide if you liked it, it would mean the world to me. Keep visiting for more such content! Is there a tool made for bullnosing porcelain.

I would like to use some 20mm size porcelain tiles around the edge of a swimming pool. To make the edge safe is there a tool that can be used for bullnosing it. Method 2 of Measure and mark your tile with a square and a pencil. A square is a ruler shaped like a right angle. Align one edge of the square with one edge of your tile. Use a pencil and the other edge to draw your guideline.

This method is great if you have a lot of tiles to cut. It's also suitable if you need to cut a lot of surface area, such as corner-to-corner cuts as opposed edge-to-edge. Set the tile into a tile cutter. Set the square aside and set the tile into the tile cutter.

Push the tile right up against the fence, and make sure there is no debris preventing the tile from touching the fence. Make sure that the line that you drew is right under the scoring wheel. Use the tile cutter to score the tile. Use smooth, even pressure. Gently press down on the handle of the cutter, then slide the wheel part across the tile. Hearing a scratching noise is nothing to worry about, it just means everything is going as planned and the tile is being cut.

Use the tile cutter to snap the tile in half. Move the handle away from the edge of the tile so that the breaking feet land on top of the tile. Gently press down on the handle again to lower the breaking feet and snap the tile. Use a jig and a strip of wood if you need to snap off a thin strip.

Separate the 1-by-4s with a strip of wood that's the same thickness as your tile. Make sure that the scored line is level with the edge of your jig set-up. Press down on the tile to create a clean break. Smooth the cut edges with a brick if needed. Rub the cut edge of the tile back and forth across a brick until the roughness is gone. Method 3 of Measure and mark your tiles where you want to cut them.

Then make the marks in any direction you'd like, such as horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal. This method is suitable for bigger jobs that involve a great amount of tile. You can also use wet saws to cut tile trimmings with a bullnose or quarter-round shape.

Set up the wet saw according to the saw's instructions. Each wet saw will be a little different, so be sure to follow the instructions closely. In most cases, you will need to fill the tub with water and turn the saw on. Each saw will be a little different, so read the instructions carefully. For the cleanest cut, avoid pushing or forcing the tile into the saw. Instead, gently guide the tile towards the saw, and let the saw do the cutting for you. Smooth down any roughness with a brick.

Even if you took extra steps to ensure the cleanest of cuts, there may be some roughness on the cut edges. If this happened to you, simply rub the cut edge of the tile across a brick or a piece of concrete a few times. Avoid using a brick or piece of concrete with jagged edges, as this could break the tile. Method 4 of Draw a curved line with a pencil where you want to cut the tile. If the area you will be cutting is far from the edge of the tile, consider cutting the tile down using one of the above methods first.

This method will require you to cut the tile away, bit by bit, until you reach the line that you drew. Pinch the tile between the tile nippers. Place them close to the edge of the tile—even if your curved line is further in. Break off small pieces of tile at a time. If you break off too much at one time, you will risk breaking the tile. Break a piece of the tile off with the tile nippers. Squeeze down on the handle of the tile nippers to get a good grip on the tile.

Snap the piece off of the tile. Continue breaking off pieces of tile until you reach the curved line. Work your way back and forth across the tile in narrow rows. Break off smaller pieces the closer you get to the line for more precision. Smooth and refine the line with a brick. Rub the cut edge of the tile back and forth across a smooth brick or piece of concrete. Rock the tile while doing so to ensure that the edge gets smoothed evenly.

Art Fricke. Ceramic can be kind of tricky to drill into since it tends to be very sensitive. If you're drilling into it, make sure that you're using an abrasive drill bit that's designed specifically for ceramic. Also, keep the drill bit wet a little while you're drilling to keep the ceramic from getting too hot. Finally, make sure that you're working really slowly.

If you go too fast, you're more likely to break the ceramic tile. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. As an alternative, use a grinder with a diamond tile cutter wheel to cut the tile. Create a pencil line where you want to make the cut, then use the grinder to lightly score the line. Then, pass back and forth over the score mark until the tile is cut. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. If you are new to using these tools, practice on some spare tiles before beginning your project.

Always wear proper protection when working with tile, including goggles and gloves. If the tile is glazed, make your mark on the glazed side. You can wipe it off later with rubbing alcohol. Wet saws and tile cutters can get expensive and take up a lot of room.

Wet Tile Saw with Stand. This page is being imported Ceramic tile cutter. Continue to 5 of 8. PARAGRAPHA tile saw with a. Contents [ show ]. Circle hole tungsten carbide glass. Buy on Amazon Buy on. The list of authors can cutter Application: 1. High hardness, good toughness, high from Wikipedia, to create a. The specific delivery time depends glass cutter for glass cutter quantity of your order.

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