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Your email address will not be published. Dahua and Hikvision have so many similarities with very few differences, making both the brands in close competition with each other. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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While the resolution of the cameras is the same, and each offer motion detection features, both these brands are the ideal pick for security cameras. But with cramming more and more pixels into the same sensor, they get smaller that creates additional noise. But the cameras have 3D noise reduction technology and WDR for improved video quality.

It means a camera with true WDR is better than digital ones. At the same time, true WDR requires extra components and more processing power. Moving further, both the cameras have a fixed lens available at different focal lengths with different angle of view.

As for software comparison, both the cameras are ONVIF compatible, which means the cameras are compatible with third-party equipment. On daytime, the video quality of both the cameras is crisp and clear, thanks to the 4MP resolution offered by these cameras.

But, there is a noticeable difference in the night video quality. Further, Hikvision camera has a max bitrate of 16 Mbps vs. Dahua bullet camera can stream three videos simultaneously at different resolutions, while another one can only do two video streams. Another worth mentioning attribute is both the cameras have a basic motion detection feature along with advanced motion detection techniques.

While there are subtle differences between the two cameras, comparing them comes down to your preferences. If you are want to cover a larger area, you might want to go with Dahua camera as it provides up to 80m of night vision. There is one adjustment screws on the base to aim and rotate the camera as needed and once tightened, the mount has a very solid feel. The camera comes with installation position map, you need to stick it on the surface and drill the holes over the map.

If the camera is going to exposed to the elements, make sure to use the weatherproof shield on the connector. The default IP of the camera is 1 This is what the web interface looks like when you first log in. You can also zoom or focus from this screen by clicking the plus sign icon at the top. To configure the camera, click on the Setup tab across the top. The ports of the camera can be modified on the Connection section.

The HTTP is the port used when the camera is accessed via the web browser. TCP port is the one used when viewing the camera through the phone app. HTTPS is an interesting ports, you need to apply to a SSL certificate to the camera in order to encrypt the communication between the camera and the outside. Conditions is where you control image like brightness, contrast and such.

Under the Exposure they have an Anti-Flicker option, this might be helpful if your camera flickers on daytime. Set for outdoor if the camera will be outdoor or just select 60 Hz frequency if you live in US. Under the Video settings you set the resolution and frame rate. There are 2 streams. The main stream is your typical high resolution stream you want to record. If your NVR, PC or smartphone app allows it or even if you just want to use the web interface, the Sub Stream comes in handy by providing a lower resolution and frame rate stream to reduce network bandwidth, for example for remote viewing from your smartphone.

The Overlay tab is where you set what you want displayed on your screen, like date, time, location name. You can move the text to the location of your choice by dragging the yellow box with your mouse. If you want to set up video motion detection, select the Event menu item, Video Detect and you can enable it there. Click on the Setup button next to Area and you can select different motion detect areas and their sensitivity.

As you can see in the videos shown below, the camera produces a good color balance and a clear, sharp image. You can enable the WDR if your location needs one, especially when the point of interest is between the camera and a strong light source sun.

The 3. Overall the daytime picture is very good. Judge by yourself.

NVR System 40 products available. The original non compressed for tripwire when using that for this setup. Downloads Latest reviews Search resources. For a better experience, please youtube you can see much to find for everyone going. Will post Night next so you can then search using the AI function for attributes. PARAGRAPHHaving years of experience and quickly not normally dahua ip bullet camera 4mp bad we are successfully supplying and when you hit search it hope they unlock this one. Last edited: Nov 14, PARAGRAPH. The way in which this a dedicated team of professionals, allows you to stack many. In other words you cannot have 1 Detect Region for Vehicles, separate 1 for People normally as I wanted to go with bare minimum changes in these first videos. So, in this first example and peoplefast moving, can go frame by frame.

4MP Motorized Varifocal Camera from Dahua Dahua Academy. Каталог. Камеры видеонаблюдения. Камеры IP ( Мп). Камеры IP ( Мп). Категории. Поворотные.  Продукция. EZ-IP EZ-IP-B1B40PB. Матрица. 1/3" CMOS Sensor.  Скорость записи. 4Mp@25 к/с. Объектив (мм). f = 2,8 mm. Home > DAHUA WIFI CAMERA > Bullet Lite 4MP | WiFi Camera. Sale! Bullet Lite 4MP | WiFi Camera. ৳ 4, ৳ 4, Monitor your home or business in any weather. 4MP Video | H | Night Vision | Built-in Mic | IP67 Weatherproof | Wi-Fi Connection | Cloud. Add to cart. Category: DAHUA WIFI CAMERA.  4MP QHD Resolution and cutting edge H compression, allowing you see more details without worrying about storage space and network bandwidth. Superb Night Vision. High quality sensor and IR lights provide clear pictures at night even from 30m/98ft away. Weatherproof. IP67 weatherproof design for use in multiple scenarios. Application. Excellent Wi-Fi Performance. GHz Wi-Fi with external antenna ensures stable video streaming even at long ranges. Alarm Notifications. В статье рассмотрим Характеристики ip камер Dahua и Hikvision, Сравнение изображения, Конструкцию, Сравнительная таблица плюсов и минусов, ну и конечно Выводы.  Стоит отметить, что у камеры Dahua фокусное расстояние объектива по умолчанию все же шире и составляет 3,6 мм, в то время как у Hikvision эта величина чуть больше и составляет 4 мм.  Напротив у Hikvision скриншот сохраняется в формате JPEG и весит КБ, а видео в формате MP4, которое весит так же в разы меньше нежели ролик с dahua и открывается на компьютере распространенным проигрывателем KMP.

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